50 and Over Guide to Alabama Tax Free Weekend July 21-23rd

Guide to Alabama Tax-Free Weekend

Sales are everywhere! Yes, it is HOT so what a better place to be in the air-conditioned store or mall.  This weekend Alabama will host its Back To School Tax-Free Weekend. The purpose of this weekend is to allow those with children to shop, tax-free, for school supplies, clothing, and other necessities to start the school year. I am over 50 and my children are grown, what does it mean to me? One word…. savings! Not only do you get state tax off, but most cities and municipalities (not all) too. It can be as much as 10%. To find out if your city or municipality is participating check Alabama Department of Revenue.

On top of that, many stores are having special sales to entice you out of your air conditioned home and into their stores. Sounds like WINNING to me!

What is Tax-Free?


Guide to Alabama Tax-Free Weekend

Computers and all the fun stuff that goes with them.  Printers, ink, paper, flash drives, cd disk etc. Everything digital handheld except cell phones.  If you were thinking about updating your computer, this would be a good time. One catch! Computers must have a selling price of less than $750.  So look for merchants to price computers at or below that price point.  Not thinking about a computer right now, no problem, more sales coming in December.


Guide to Alabama Tax-Free Weekend

If you love the feel of a paperback book or the smell of leather binding, you are in luck!. Books are another item that is tax exempt this weekend. The sale price of the book must be $30 or less.  Not much help for the college students, but for the average reader it is a win.

School Supplies & Art Supplies

Guide to Alabama Tax-Free Weekend

Time to restock the pens, computer paper, and tape.  If you are a crafter or artist, this could be a true win for you.  The sale price of these items must be $50 or less per item.


Guide to Alabama Tax-Free Weekend

This is a big category.  It has no age limit.  It includes tops, pants, jacket, dresses, pajama, hat, shoes, socks, coats, underwear, DIAPERS (for those grandbabies) and much more.  What it does not include is makeup, jewelry, sunglasses, eye glasses, watches, wallets, purses, sewing supplies, protective equipment, and sports equipment.  The rule on clothing is that it must cost less than $100 per item.

That is a quick guide to the Alabama Tax-Free Weekend.  It is early this year.  So don’t be caught off guard.  A good rule of thumb, if you were going to buy it anyway, this weekend is as good as any. There will be more sales down the road.  If you have noticed, many of the online retailers have started to charge tax, so this weekend can equal savings.  Remember to shop local and support the small business owner!

The sale clock runs from 12 am Friday to midnight Sunday.


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