My Favorite Picks For The Best Sunscreen For Women Over 50

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Today we are going to talk about the best sunscreen for women over 50. Years of sun worship is OVER. The damage is done and now we need to protect our skin and prevent any more. Also, changes in our bodies and medications can make us more susceptible to damage from the sun.

Remembering Life Before Sunscreen

 At this stage in the game of life, sunscreen is extremely important. As s child in the 70’s Coppertone was not sunscreen. No, it was dark tanning lotion that smelled incredible.  You knew you were in Florida when you saw the billboard with the Coppertone baby, dog pulling at bathing suit bottoms to reveal a white rear end.  I actually have a copy of that billboard in my beach house.  We worshiped the sun and some people (not me) used baby oil with iodine to create a sun-kissed look. The magazines of this time featured women with a “healthy glow”.  I was lucky, I have a good bit of Cherokee Indian in me and my skin tans under a light bulb.

The 80’s again featured models with tan skin and an athletic look that represented healthily.  We laid out in the sun with products such as Hawaiian Tropic and Panama Jack and tanning beds were the rage.

Sun Tanning in the 70’s & 80’s

photo Hawaiian Tropic

sun tan past

In the 90’s someone said, “we have a problem“. and next thing you knew, sunscreen lotion was everywhere. I remember trying to put it on my children and the many fights we endured. We were told the sun is bad, and our senior adult parents and grandparents were having melanomas picked off of them like ticks.

In the 2000s till today- it is all about SUNSCREEN. Magazines feature women who are pasty white. “Women of color” are now just about ethnicity not about a healthy glow.  Tan beds are evil while fake tans are all the rage. If you want a summer glow you can create it in numerous self-tanners and makeup.  We are preached at about the damage sun does to our skin and the fear of skin cancer.

The Damage Is Done And It Is Scary

Getting serious here…… I know way too many friends who have had scares with skin cancer. We now spray each other down with sunscreen, share who is the best dermatologist, and hold the hand, comforting the friend who is going in for Mohs surgery.

So today I am going to share my Sunscreen Favorites.  As I have told you before, I am a big tennis player and play multiple times a week.  I have tested sunscreen for protection and staying ability.

My Favorite Picks For The Best Sunscreen For Women Over 50

best sunscreen




My favorite picks for best sunscreen for women over 50

***All these sunscreens were sweat tested!

1.  CeraVe  This is the BEST for faces and I wear this for tennis.  I put it on 1 hour before I play and let it sink in my skin,  It has zinc oxide so it will leave your skin with a white look, not attractive but will work.  I have dark spots from skin damage, this has helped my dark spots diminish.  CeraVe has been the BEST for staying power and does not “sweat off” easily.  But most important, no raccoon eyes!!!
2. Neutrogena Sports Face. If you don’t like the whiteness of zinc oxide, then here is your next best choice.  This is my go to for the beach because it has Helioplex UVA/UVB protection.  Helioplex is what I was told to look for when choosing a sunscreen from my dermatologist. Again, I put it on and let it soak in at least 30 minutes to an hour before I go outside. Neutrogena Sports Face does not work as well for sweating as CeraVe but, it does work for swimming and just being out in the sun. You will need to reapply.
3. Neutrogena Sports Face in stick form. This is what I take to beach for reapplying because it is easy to use, and easy to slip in bag or purse.  I am adding this to my tennis bag.
4. Chap Stick Sun Defense– You don’t realize you need to protect your lips until you get them sunburned.  It is AWFUL!!!!  Slip this in your beach bag for easy access.  You will thank me later
5. Coppertone Sport Sunscreen Spray– Coppertone is still my go to for sunscreen protection.  I like the sport variety, it the has best protection in the water.  Rule of thumb, apply twice as much sunscreen as you think you need.  The lotions are better for application because you can easily see where you have missed.   The sprays are easier and you will use.  I still remember the fights with lotion with the kids.  Now I just line everyone up and spray them down -DONE!
6. Neutrogena Beach Defense–  I love the smell of this one and it works and we can’t keep it in the house.  Both of the sprays have Helioplex as recommended by dermatologist.
7.  Sunscreen Towelettes-  I was researching this online and it seems this is the go to for construction and other outdoor workers. Unfortunately the FDA no longer approves the towelette as a source for sunscreen so am grabbing some of these to have before they are gone.
I hope this helps you in choosing a sunscreen. Remember, you need at least 30 SPF and must reapply and apply more than you think you need.  All these sunscreens (except towelettes) can be found at local drugstores and chain stores.
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