10 Reasons Why Life After 50 is Fabulous

I find it quite funny how my attitude about age has changed.  When I was 15 I thought 30 was ancient.  When I was 30 I thought 50 was just plain old. Now that I am 50 I think the 15 & 30 year olds of past were just stupid.  They did not know ….Life after 50 is FABULOUS.

Why do I love Life after 50? Let me count the ways.

10 Reasons Why Life After 50 is Fabulous

  1. You don’t care what others think.  This is HUGE!  It is life changing.  It is freedom.   When you don’t care what others think you have the freedom to explore who you really are.  You have your own opinions.  It is like you have released this inner self that has been trapped by fear of what others think. senior humor
  2. No More “Keeping Up With The Jones”.  After 50 you are at an age where stuff is just that….STUFF.  You have cleaned out grandparents house, parents house, and the kids stuff.  You are thinking less is more. Decluttering is now an artOver 50 Humor3. With age comes wisdom.  Okay.. some people never get here. But for those who do, it is like you have become the Dali Lama. The younger generations seeks your advice.  They might actually listen. You might actually give them good advice. You see things with clarity. Most of all you learn to listen before you speak, tune them out entirely, or you really don’t care what they are saying and are buying time for your escape. Wise woman!

Over 50 Humor

4. More “Free Time”.  This one is tricky. The kids are gone. Retirement has come. Time to travel. Time to discovery new hobbies.  Time to fulfill your life long dreams. Now you have time to do what YOU want to do.

Over 50 Humor

5. Acceptance of your body’s aging process.   No more nip, tuck, suck, it just is not going to make a difference.  It is all going south anyway. Just let it go with the flow.

0ver 50 humor

6.  Acceptance of past and learning to forgive and move on. You see that time is precious.  Wisdom helps you see life with greater clarity and understanding.  Forgiveness is a tool that helps you let it go and move on.

Senior Humor

7. Power of forgetfulness.  After 50 it seem our minds are cluttered with so much information.  Just as we declutter our homes, our body has this wonderful tool called Forgetting.  It is our body’s way of decluttering our minds.  Many of us have the special ability to forget things while we are actually doing them.  It is also an incredible tool for making excuse and getting away with things.  Use it often for maximum effect.

Over 50 Humor

8.  Appreciation of health and fitness.  As you age the importance of keeping fit and living a healthy lifestyle becomes a priority.  You set time each day to exercise, knowing the effort you put in now will pay off later.

over 50 humor

9. Appreciation of “inner beauty”. All through life we have heard, it is not about your looks, it is what is on the inside that counts. Aging has a way of making us more sympathetic, more caring, more understanding, and more compassionate. You look past people’s looks and see inside their heart and soul.

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10.  Having friends who will travel along side you on this journey.   Life after 50 is full of changes. Some of them good, and some of them not so good.  Having friends to help and encourage you is so important.
Senior Humor


Over 50 Humor


Over 50 humor


I hope you enjoyed the 10 Reasons Why Life After 50 is FABULOUS.   Join me on my journey.  I look forward to sharing more inspiration and humor.  Maybe some fashion and beauty too -just for the fun of it. Life is about ATTITUDE.  Looking good, feeling FABULOUS!

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