Over 50 Summer Hat Favorites For Fun, Style, and Function

For the over 50 crowd, hats are the “must have” accessory this summer.  It is all about the hat.  Not just for sun protection but for the style. You can not walk down the beach without seeing hats, lots of them, all styles. I always wanted to be a “hat person”.  I have a small head so hats seem to engulf me. On the beach, it doesn’t matter.  Larger, more stylish the better. Below on my Summer Sun Hat Style Board, I have picked the 9 “must have” hats.  Try different styles to create different looks.  Check out my summer beach fashion blogs: Active, Fun and Flirty, and Sexy to see what hats go with what style.  It is all about the ATTITUDE.

Must Have Summer Sun Hats

  1.  Visor.  Nothing gives better sun protection that the wide brim visor.  This is a great choice for those who need protection and don’t like the feel of a hat.  This is also a great choice if you need to “ease” into hats.  I wear sports visors all summer long.  They are lightweight and adjustable for fit
  2. Baseball Hat.  The three letter airport code hats from Aviate are HOT.  Show your city pride.  Love the light pink
  3. White Fedora.  This is a great hat for everyone.  It is not just for the beach.  You are seeing the fedora worn out on the town for day and night looks.
  4. White Baseball Hat.  The white baseball hat with resort name and/or logo is the IT souvenir.  This is a great hat for someone who is just not a “hat person”. Adjustable, form-fitting, and washable makes this hat great for the active women.
  5. Panama Hat. The straw Panama hat is a great “in between” hat.  Not too large.  Love this hat with tassel, pom-pom, or fringe details for a fun and funky look.
  6. Wide Brim Hat.  The wide brim hat is THE hat to create a sexy, sultry look this summer.  Paired with oversized sunglasses this hat creates an air of mystery. Great hat for lounging by pool and people watching.
  7. Sun Hat. The sun hat has been popular that last couple of years. This hat is light weight, bendable, washable with 30 plus SPF sun protection.  I love the aqua color!  I have seen this hat in black and white ( I have a white one).
  8. Wide Brim Message Hat. This hat is everywhere and I LOVE it. With saying such as “Do Not Disturb” “Vacay” “Hello Sunshine” and “Just Chillin” the wide brim message that creates a fun and flirty attitude.
  9. Straw Fedora. This hat is going to be my next purchase.  With a smaller head, the straw fedora works best for me. Details such as beaded turquoise make this hat classic and not over powering.  It is a hat you can wear many places, not just the beach.

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