Women Over 50 Camera Ready Makeup To Look FABULOUS

Today we are talking about Women Over 50 Camera Ready Makeup
Whether it is a wedding or family photos, we want to look our best. Being over 50 does have a couple of issues, but with the correct makeup, you will be looking FABULOUS

Women Over 50 Camera Ready Makeup

Women Over 50 Camera Ready Makeup
I do not wear a lot of makeup every day and I love the “more natural” approach. If I am going to be in front of the camera, I want to look FABULOUS. My go to makeup is MAC because MAC specializes in theater and camera ready makeup.  
How To Get Camera Ready
What do I mean by camera ready? It is makeup that is longer wear, more coverage, better concealer, and less shine.  The over 50 woman has to be very careful with makeup because too much makeup and all the wrinkles pop, not enough makeup dark spots and color impurities show.  Stay away from mineralized makeup because it just sits in the wrinkles and accentuates them.  
 the best advice is going to the professionals and try different products to see how they feel and look. Take photos of how the products look on your face and video of how to apply the makeup.
As always, the best advice is going to the professionals and try different products to see how they feel and look. Take photos of how the products look on your face and video of how to apply the makeup.  Most “professionals” are salesmen so take time to make wise choices that work for your own skin type and color.

 Women Over 50 Camera Ready Makeup

  1. Moisturizer. 50 and older skin tends to be dry, without moisturizer your makeup will just sit in the wrinkles and crevasses.
  2. Prep and Prime.  This is EXTREMELY  important because the Prep and Prime coats your skin and helps foundation go on smoother and last longer.
  3. Concealer. Have a professional help you chose the best concealer for your skin color.  I have dark spots that need to be covered with a concealer that matches my skin tone. Be careful about applying concealer under your eye because too much and it sits in the small wrinkles, just emphasizes them. MAC has long wear and studio finish line of concealers which makes it easy to find a color to match your skin tone.
  4. Foundation.  A long wear foundation that correctly matches your skin is a MUST.  Alson, MAC has a studio finish foundations that gives a matte look but make sure you apply it to your neck area so you will not have the dreaded makeup line
  5. Powder.  The powder is important to SET makeup. Always chose a translucent powder or color close to your skin tone.
  6. Bronzer.  Contouring is all the rage but use with caution and learn from a professional how much contouring to do and where to apply.
  7. Blush.  Blush like a bronzer is a contour tool so chose a blush that is right for your skin tone.  My go to blush is Melba by MAC but I also have blush colors in plum to complement a color palette that is more rose.
  8. Eyebrow pencil.  Eyebrows are all the rage but you don’t want people seeing your eyebrows before they see you so take the time to have your eyebrows professionally shaped.  Then use the MAC eyebrow pencil to fill in empty spaces and add strokes where eyebrow hairs are missing.  Remember to use the brush end of the pencil to create a more natural look.
  9. Lip pencil.  My go to lip pencil is SPICE by MAC and I take it everywhere. It is a great neutral color that goes with reds, browns, and rose-colored lipstick. Lip pencils are great for creating a larger, more defined lip line.  Do not use a lip pencil that is too far from your lipstick color.  Again, don’t want people to see the outline of your lips before they see YOU.
  10. Lipstick. Oh, how I love the Viva Glam line from MAC.  Great color with a little shine.  Great staying power.  Use the Prep and Prime on your lips for a smoother finish.
  11. Eye shadow palette.  The one from MAC is small and compact and great for travel.  It has the basic shadows need to create a day look and a smoky night-time look.  I also own the rose palette.
  12. Eye pencil.  I have yet to find an eye pencil that does not smudge but, MAC eye pencils come close.  They have the longest wear and least smudge proof of all the others I have tried.
  13. Mascara- I don’t have it on my board but should.  I am a contact lens wearer so a mascara that is fresh and not clumpy is a must. The ones I have are drug store brands or freebies.  Especially if you are a sweater, look for a mascara that is waterproof.
  14. Eye Cream. MAC has a Marine Brightening formula that does wonder for the eyes.  It makes them look less tired and more awake. You do not want dark shadows under your eyes and the camera is not forgiving. There is only so much photo shop can do.
  15. Bag of brushes.  The brushes on the board are from Bobbi Brown and they are my personal traveling brushes. You need great, quality, makeup brushes when you travel and when you are at home.
  16. Cute Bag.  Add a cute makeup bag and you are ready to go.  I love makeup bags that roll out and show me all the products.  I am a visual person and need to see the tools I have.

My MAC Bag


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Many women over 50 are getting ready for children’s wedding and other photo-op events.  Having good basic camera ready makeup is a must. Take the time to experiment and find what products work best for you.  Don’t forget to check out my Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for more updates, information, pictures, and tips.  Remember it is all about looking good, feeling fabulous.
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