Summer Tennis Fashion Must Haves- 50 and Over Women

Did I tell you I am an avid tennis player?  I love the game!  It is my exercise, stress relief, and therapy all rolled in one.  I play competitive tennis on many recreational leagues.  Summer is our down time -NOT!!!  I will play on 2 leagues this summer and have clinic and “for fun” play days.  The only problem is that I live in Alabama and it is HOT and HUMID.  That means sweat and lots of it.  Who am I kidding I sweat all the time. I am going thru menopause and hot flashes are coming like gang busters.  All year around humidity makes for a true mess.

I have totally given up on makeup for tennis.  It is all about survival.

Here are my “Must Haves” for summer tennis (or for me all year around).

  1. Cute tennis outfit.  I am petite and curvy. Tennis is where I feel comfortable with my figure.  All tennis outfits are tight-fitting.  I look for longer skirts and flattering tops that are not too fitted. Many tops have built-in bras (winning). If you need extra nipple coverage, I use the silicone nipple covers.  I love bright colors for tennis. Neon brights are hot this season. My favorite tennis apparel lines are Sofibella, New Balance, and Wilson.  My favorite store to shop for cute tennis apparel is Pinks and Greens. There are many great tennis apparel companies to choose from. You can mix and match to create your personal style. Remember comfort is key.
  2. Sun protection is a must.  I wear visors in white or bright colors (hats don’t fit my head).   I chose sunglasses that curve around my face for maximum protection and fit.  Love the Maui Jim rimless sunglasses. Theses glasses are light weight and comfortable.  The lens color makes everything sharper. Theses glasses are also great for driving in the rain.
  3. Sunscreen.  Not optional.  At 50 plus most sun damage is already done.  I don’t want anymore.  The 50 and over tennis group is almost religious about sunscreen.  I wear no makeup (just going to sweat it off and ruin my cute towels).  My daily routine includes Oil of Olay moisturizer with 30 SPF in the morning.  An hour before I play, I put on CeraVe sunscreen with zinc oxide or Neutrogena 100 SPF with Heliplex on my face.  Also, I spray the rest of my  exposed skin with Neutrogena Sport with SPF 50.  I wear Chapstick with sunscreen to keep lips from getting sun or wind burnt.  Cherry flavor! The key is to give initial sunscreen plenty of time to soak in and reapply if possible during a break in a tennis game.
  4. Tools to combat sweat.  I sweat a LOT.  My tool of survival include: sweat wristbands, towel or two ( microfiber towels are best), cooling towel, and rosin grip for hands.  Rosin grip is a powder that is a must for sweaty hands.  Rosin comes in a small bottle or bags.
  5. The Yeti Cup.  I have tried many, many, many styles of cups to keep ice cool.  Hydration is the most important thing when playing tennis.  The heat and humidity just zap the strength out of you.  If you don’t keep cool and hydrated you can get heat exhaustion, heat stroke or worse.  The Yeti style cup (with LID) is great for keeping ice cool.  I have the Rambler 30 with my name on it (no sharing).  I am constantly drinking water mixed with just a little bit of gatorade. Gatorade is great for replenishing your electrolytes.  Too much gatorade and you can get sick at your stomach.
  6. Comfortable shoes.  My faves are the ASICS.  I love the Gel Solution line. I have the  Gel Solution 2 in bright green.  Asics tennis shoes give great support, comfort, and look cute. Lots of compliments on my shoes.  Comfort and support are key.
  7. Cute tennis bag. Tennis bags are now very stylish as well as functional.  I look for bags with plenty of room for all my stuff. Lot of great tennis bags out on the market.
  8. Tennis racquet.  I am a Wilson fan.  Racquets are very personal.  Look for racquet that compliments the strengths and weaknesses of your tennis game.  Ask a tennis pro on racquet recommendation based on your level of play. Check out and play with  demo racquets before you buy.  Add a bright color grip and cute dampener for fun.
  9. Sun shirt.  I love the new sun shirts. I have 2 from Icikuls (pronounced i cools).  You can wear them while you play. The arms, sides, and back are net vented so air can get in and keep you cool.   They have 50+ SPF protection. I don’t wear them to play in because I can’t stand to play tennis with sleeves.  I wear mine to go out to lunch afterwards!

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Must Haves for summer tennis in the south- Styled by Nifty50girl

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Need Extra Coverage

Here are the nipple covers I use. DIMRS Self-Adhesive Silicone Nipple Covers. They come in this cute travel bag which make it easy to keep up with. I use them for summer outfits and swimwear too.
Dimrs nipple covers
silicon self-adhesive nipple covers
Hope you have enjoyed my Summer Tennis Must Haves.  Get out and enjoy the summer. Keeping in shape, looking cute, and having fun is WINNING.  Check out my Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook for more ideas and to keep up with Nifty50girl this summer.
Looking good, feeling fabulous.

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