What To Wear To Winter Baby Shower-Going Zebra

Hello, Darlings! Today we are talking about What To Wear To Winter Baby Shower. It is cold and a wee bit depressing outside, but we have a joyous occasion to celebrate. My nephew and his wife are expecting their first child in March so today was their baby shower. As I have been housebound up to my eyeballs in projects and decluttering, this was a great opportunity for me to dress up and get out of the house. What To… Read More

What Is IN And What Is OUT- Home Design Trends For 2020

Hello, Darlings! Today is all about What Is IN And What Is OUT -Home Design Trends For 2020. While I am busy decluttering my little heart out, I want to share with you this post by my daughter, Anna from Homzie Designs. Trends are ever-changing and keeping up with the styles can be daunting. In the end, it is all about coming home to a place that you love that gives you rest and restores. Home Design Trends 2020 For… Read More

Empty Nest Downsizing- Cleaning Children’s Closet And Room

Hello, Darlings! Today is all about Empty Nest Downsizing-Cleaning Out Your Adult Children’s Closet And Room. While I am waiting for professionals to paint my office, I decide it is time to tackle the kid’s rooms. All my children are adults and have homes. The twins are married and Anna has her own house. I have been putting it off because it is such a daunting task, and quite emotional. ( I am NOT an emotional person) Empty Nest Downsizing-… Read More